DEKOR cleaner 1L

industral cleaner 1000ml

Powerful multi-purpose cleaner that removes glue residues, old stickers, permanent markers, various stains and degreasers.
Great for cleaning almost any surface (chipboard, plastic, metal and glass). Preliminary test is mandatory.

the cleaner contains organic solvents, dries quickly and cleans without traces of residues, and leaves no mist
Apply the liquid with a cloth or spray it on the place you want to clean. Then clean the surface with a coarse cloth.

Handling and storage:
You need to ensure good ventilation. Store and use separately from sources of ignition.
Do not smoke during use! Avoid static electricity. Provide local extraction (ventilation), where the possibility of inhalation of vapors and aerosols.
Close tightly after use. Store in a dry, cool place.
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